Texas Meat Packers

Texas Meat Packers is committed to doing things better. Our satisfied customers look for a company that is open to the specific needs, wants, and concerns of their business.

We operate to match resources, expertise, technology, proper equipment and production capabilities to manufacture, package and provide quality specification products.

Texas Meat Packers offer beef and chicken fajitas, commodity chicken, commodity beef, customized seasonings, portion sizing and so much more.

The Plant: Is located at 8905 Forum Way, in Fort Worth, Texas 76140. The facility is a USDA inspected plant for Beef, Chicken and Pork.

We have taken a very aggressive position regarding quality assurance and food safety. Several food safety and USDA programs, such as HACCP, Good Manufacturing Procedures, and Standard Sanitation Operating Procedures are in place to support our dedication and high standards for producing safe, quality products.