Smoked TurkeyFor over sixty years the folks at Texas Meat Packers have been offering Texas Smoked Turkeys to companies around the nation.  The tradition started with McChesney’s Smoked Meats in Texas in 1944 and via acquisition continues today with the team in Fort Worth, TX at Texas Meat Packers.  You can now buy Smoked Turkeys online or contact (214) 884-5919 for corporate sales.  If you need 10 Smoked Turkeys or 10,000, Texas Meat Packers can work with you and your company to assist you in showing your employees a great meal!

Our succulent Texas Smoked Turkeys are seasoned with our secret family recipe and smoked for over 10 hours on Texas mesquite and oak hardwoods.  There are many folks who have had other big national brands and to be modest, people prefer the taste of our Smoked Turkeys.  Simply put, we use Grade A hens and the perfect combination of spices and hardwoods to make for a mouthwatering experience.

Chef John has been working with people in Midland, TX and other areas of Texas to help people with their Thanksgiving and holiday purchases of this smoked bird.  It should be noted that for large volume orders of turkey the sooner your place your order the better off you are.  Most companies place their order for Smoked Turkey in October for November and December delivery.  The reason why we need a little time to fulfill large corporate orders of turkeys is because we handcraft the bird and it takes time to smoke them the right way.

What Is The History Of Smoked Turkey And Thanksgiving?

The history of Thanksgiving and turkey goes back to the days of religious holidays between families as a gesture of thanks coinciding with the time of harvest.  The holiday known as Thanksgiving is very popular in North America rooted in tradition among the pilgrims of New England.  The first official nation-wide day of Thanksgiving was proclaimed by President George Washington on November 26th, 1789.  Over the years the Thanksgiving feast being around the time of harvest, has allowed foods like pumpkin pie, oven roasted turkey and thanks to Texas tradition, Smoked Turkey is common around this time.

Thanksgiving Orders For Turkeys 

As you can imagine, Thanksgiving is that time of celebration between friends and family.  Thanksgiving is a welcome stint of time off from the office and a time to be thankful.  There is no better way to say thanks to your most valued and trusted Smoked Turkeyemployees than rewarding them with the gift of Smoked Turkey.  Sure you can send them to the store to buy a turkey, but with Texas Meat Packers you can give your employees a Smoked Turkey that is heat and serve.  Chef John says that if you are lucky enough to find a Texas Meat Packers Smoked Turkey at the grocer then there is reason to celebrate.  However, this does seem to be a seasonal item for us around Thanksgiving and in the December holidays as we will do about 90% of our volume on Smoked Turkeys with corporations and individual website sales.

Smoked Turkey For Thanksgiving And Christmas!

So if you want to buy a turkey for Thanksgiving, Christmas or the holiday season you really need to try a Smoked Turkey.  People have probably tried fried turkey, roasted turkey and other forms, but there is something really special about a Smoked Turkey that is cooked over hardwoods.  Now we have all heard the big names in the Turkey business and we respect all those traditions.  However, here is a little secret about the famous McChesney’s Smoked Turkey offered exclusively by Texas Meat Packers, people come from miles around to buy this Smoked Turkey because it is one of the best.

Next time you are looking to do a large corporate buy of Smoked Turkeys or if you just need a few, call our corporate sales at (214) 884-5919  In addition to Smoked Turkeys, Texas Meat Packers also offers Smoked Hams, Prime Rib and some of the best Fajitas on the web!

So we are counting the days until Thanksgiving and the December holidays.  That time of year where the air is crisp and the laughter of friends and family can be heard around the room.  Nothing brings it home more than pumpkin pie, cranberries and a real Texas tradition of hardwood Smoked Turkey!

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